TRAD console


It is dressed in traditional kimono with Kaga-Yuzen design unique to Ishikawa Prefecture. A piece of furniture is redesigned to have beauty of the decorative art highly developed in the kimono culture, and further generating a colorful atmosphere in the room. The redesigned furniture, which is a console, is made through certain expression that seeks for and represents new traditional culture. This is one of a kind because a well-known Kaga-Yuzen artist Toshiharu Hisatsune drew and painted the kimono design on the wood surface of the console.

size: W1404 × D360 × H980mm

 oak plywood (base material: lauan plywood),
 oak solid wood, CORIAN(tabletop)

production: KIMURA KOGEI

KagaYuzen: Toshiharu Hisatsune
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