Scholar’s Gift for ALEXANDERLAMONT

It’s a small Gift collection for ALEXANDERLAMONT in Thailand. I design 8/14 items for first series of the collection.
The inspiration were the objects collected and contemplated upon by the scholars of Ming and Qing dynasty China: pieces that would sit in the palm of the hand or dignify a table surface and be enjoyed for their craft and texture.

interview in August 19,2015

Rangoon Candleholders

Thick clear glass gilded with gold leaf supports an inverted bronze finial. This group of fluid, feminine forms brings the warm contrast of translucency, patina and gilding together as exquisite lighting elements.

Half Moon Votive

A perfect moon is cut from brass and hammered to bend and balance a dark side and a light side. A naked flame is reflected against the gently textured inner surface that is left unprotected to allow for polishing or for a patina to develop. The back has a warm, dark patina.

Quill Bud Vases

Octagonal, sculptured, tapering – leaning like parents and child, the small family of delicate bud – vase forms are caste in bronze and patinated in a Japanese style.

Midori Incense Burner
A twisting rope, or shimenawa is a Shinto symbol used for warding away malevolent spirits. It has been caste in bronze and patinated in a Japanese style to convey a great age. Its patina will change over time as you use it and enjoy “listening” to incense.

Crystal Virtue Boxes

A solid piece of rock crystal is ground out to create a small box. The lid is woven in Southern Thailand from very fine ‘yan li pao’ vines. Precious ‘objets de virtu’ were collected in Europe during the nineteenth century. This is our modern interpretation.

Peking Drop Bottles

A group of small bottles made from Peking glass. This process, for small pieces, was perfected in China for the creation of snuff bottles. They are miniature objects with wonderful tactility and form, hand blown in an ancient process.

Bronze Seal Boxes
Small, precious, warm to the touch. Some of the characteristics conveyed by this bronze box, one of a set of two, when it sits in your hand.

Photography: Yuna Yagi

The Long Tray

The long tray was imagined from the importance of landscape in Asian art. The long tray with its thin horizontal gently carved lines and contrasting ivory shagreen base with the deep ebony wood frame, makes a beautiful landscape for a small object or gift.