In this lighting, Japanese paper washi makes it possible to feel light as if you were touching it.The three-layered washi keeps its shape to enfold light itself without any frame.
Lightness is adjustable by wrapping or peeling each layer like a cabbage.Washi is a natural material made from plants by the artisan. Washi softly catches light, and also generates deep shades and shadows between lines, and layers, when washi has a different shape. This stands out the shape of light, and washi’s wrapping light up evokes a sense of feeling as if you were touching light itself. That is to say, it’s a design based on a new lighting concept that allows you to face light with the touch. In addition, a rechargeable LED can be used as a light source, which enables you to feel the illumination wherever you like.

size: φ250 × h350mm @ baloon

material: Japanese paper

specification: battery LED unit