Expressing the nature yet human living.

It is a suggestion of a garden furniture inspired by a stump. There is a gap in the top surface expressing the annual rings, and trees and plants grow from there, so once expressing the nature’s work as if a new life will be born again from the cut down tree. By ambiguously defining the boundary between the place where the trees and the plants grows and the place where the person sits, we can feel nature more closely. It will give us a different awareness than watching the flowers blooming on the flower beds or the trees in the park’s hedge. It is an idea that wishes you to remember that nature is a partner to touch like a neighbor and that you are always to be involved.
Porous fine ceramic is chosen as material. It is considered to be a technology suitable for maintaining plant growth and maintaining environmentally friendly materials. At the beginning, the texture of pure white pottery instruments turns into soil color due to dirt and aging, making it more conscious of coexistence with nature by becoming familiar with the environment.
size: φ3600 × H420mm

material: porous fine ceramic

color: white