Children are like flowers, standing dignified like a single-stem flower at times, and differently at other times. The vase lets you enjoy arrangement by differently locating the lid with respect to flowers and its branches such as a single flower, etc. The word ‘Hana’ means flower in Japanese, and the vase is produced thinking about our youngest beautiful daughter named Hana and my other children. The selection of the vase texture is made such that the vase can be steady enough to enhance charm and beauty of the flower and its braches to be arranged. The vase is also functional and adjustable in accordance with how the arranged flower and branches should be: in other words, the growth of her. The vase thus has a design which projects a relationship between the flower (i.e. the child) and the vase (i.e. the parent), or how the parent should be there for her.

 body_ φ50 × H220mm
 lid_ φ50 × H25mm

 stainless steel,
 lacquered zelkova(black), bress