kamiwan COOK IT RAW


Exclusively for the Cook It Raw exhibition held in Ishikawa Prefecture in 2011, the food container, which was made of Japanese paper, was produced in collaboration with Mr. Yoshihiro Narisawa, the owner chef of NARISAWA in Tokyo, and Asakurashigyo Corporation specialized in washi (Japanese paper) in Ishikawa Prefecture. A candle in a small burdock root was placed on the center of the container, where food was directly served on and wrapped by the Japanese paper. Like the light of a Japanese lantern, it added distinguishing beauty to the dining table during the special exhibition.

size: φ210 × D250mm

material: Japanese paper, urethane coating(bowl area)

production: Asakura shigyo

presented by COOK IT RAW 2011, ISHIKAWA
collaborated with Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa