paperable 2nd

communication + Natural Beauty
Leaves fluttering in the wind, a sky view with clouds floating away,
animal fur, and the one and only shell pattern,
There is no reason for feeling the beauty of each and every one of them.
The world is full of reasons.
You have to do it this way because…,
I think I kind of like it ‘cause…, etc.
But when you feel like delivering your message to that person,
Who would need the reason for that feeling?
Just relax, Listen to your instincts, and Pick it up naturally.
With that feeling, we have made the second series of the peparable.
Put your words on the natural beauty expressed by brilliant creators,
And add color to your communication.
Brand: paperable

Art direction and Design: Ryosuke Harashima / Natsumi Harashima

Production: Yamakoshi co.,ltd

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Animal voice memo
Illustration: Ko. machiyama

In the morning you warble, “How are you?”
In the middle of the day you say loud, “Clean up the table!”
In the evening you say in a sweet voice, “Sorry about yesterday.”
Animals could speak on behalf of you.
What animal would you like to be?



Landscape memo
Photograph: Nohagi Naka

There are landscapes you want to look at forever;
Waves rippling quietly;
Sea of green extending vividly; and
Clear sky where clouds are gently moving,
Will cut out each of the moments, and
Give it with notes.



Shell memo card
Painting: Hiromi Iuchi

Is that a night sky studded with stars?
Or sunlight glaring down on the beach?
Patterns reflected in dispersed shells are your precious feelings.
Like you gently put your treasures in the place,
Put your feelings into the shells.



Leaf memo

Softly fluttering in the wind,
What word would you like to put on the leaf?
Gently rounded by the warmth of your hand,
Your words are enfolded.