The hand wash unit, which includes a basin, a body, and a leg, is designed under the theme of the traditional that coexists in modern space (i.e. TIM). The basin, which is handmade as having been produced at a Kutani ware atelier, is placed on the body that has a box shape with an asymmetric, yet smart look for a simple, modern toilet space. The different textures effectively draw a simple and harmonious line. The basin is available in smoke white or black. More specifically, the former is bluish white material color unique to the Kutami soil, and latter is black glaze color. The leg is made of oak wood. Furthermore, the body is available in either one of black, smoke white, grey, or dark brown colors, and also selectable in six different combinations.

 counter_ W530 × D300 × H700mm
 basin_ φ270 × H65mm

 melamine decorative plywood, oak plywood
 (base material: lauan plywood),

color: black, gray, white, dark brown, natural(oak)

production: D-net / ism