Ryosuke Harashima Syale 2018 A/WRyosuke Harashima Syale 2018 A/W




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>New work for STILLIFE  A LIGHT is hang on a Bamboo Ladder.New work for STILLIFE  A LIGHT is hang on a Bamboo Ladder.
A melancholic elegance in the antique ladder leaning against the wall.
Designing of the brass lighting that reminds a hand hang on a ladder.
The contrast of material between the bamboo and the brass
will be chic ambience with time.
Scholar’s Gift Collection

洒 落Syale


出典(一部抜粋):株式会社平凡社世界大百科事典 第2版


出典(一部抜粋):小学館 日本大百科全書(ニッポニカ)


The design of Kutani-yaki plate is inspired by paintings extracted from the literature replicated by the Japanese painter in Kanazawa in 1791, original is the encyclopedia "Warende der Dreren" written by Dutch poet Joost van Vondel who was in 1617. It’s a project to connect narratives beyond time by editing and designing historical materials to other expression.

The interior collection born by multiplying the old things and the current craftsmanship. The texture and atmosphere of old tools which finished their roles once give the impression that "still life = still alive".

Event Schedule & Location

Ryosuke Harashimaroot design
6-22 Zig 2F, Oyama-cho, Kanazawa,
Ishikawa, 920-0918 Japan
tel 076-255-0801e-mal info@root-h.comhttp://root-h.com

Art direction & Design: Ryosuke Harashima
Photo: Nik van der Giesen

Open Studio & STORE SYALE
held in Feb 3 to Apr 15, 2018